VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard

VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard
Stop Snoring Mouthguard by VitalSleep

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Types Of Stop Snoring Chin Straps

There are two types of Snoring Chin Straps. In one model there is a small strip with an adhesive that attaches it self to the cheeks of the subject wrapping around the chin. The Snoring Chin Strap is attached to the cheeks in a closed mouth position. The Snoring Chin Strap then holds the subjects lower jaw in place and keeps the mouth closed. The Snoring Chin Strap thus forces the snorer to breathe through the nasal passages.

In the other model there is a strap that goes around the head and the chin of the individual. It keeps the mouth shut while holding the lower jaw in it's place. This positioning of the Snoring Chin Strap eliminates snoring while aiding the snorer to breathe through the nose.

Quite often the Snoring Chin Straps are used along with other anti snoring devices like Nasal Strips to help the individual with stuffy nose. While the Snoring Chin Strip keeps the lower jaw in position and keeps the mouth closed, the Nasal Strips keep the nasal airway passages clear aiding in breathing.

The straps are made of breathable soft cotton and are very comfortable to wear. Most of the subjects who use the Snoring Chin Strap get used it over a period of time and sleep comfortably. They lead very healthy and productive life.

The Snoring Chin Strap can provide almost instant relief from snoring for some people as long as the person can breathe easily through their nose.

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