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VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Marjoram Oil To Help Stop Snoring

How does the Marjoram Oil work to stop snoring?
When you lie down to sleep, your tongue, soft palate and uvula relax onto the back of your throat causing an obstruction. Snoring is due to the vibration caused by this obstruction while breathing in and out. Marjoram opens up the airway passages, adds muscle tone to the throat area and takes away that obstruction. Most common snorers will stop snoring within two to three nights; however, it may take up to six weeks for some as it is on an individual basis.

Will the Marjoram work if I have sleep apnea?
In the case of sleep apnea, the obstruction is more severe than the common snorer. It is recommended you take 8-10 sniffs. If using a CPAP machine, you may use the Marjoram with your machine. Take 5+ sniffs & then place the jar next to the intake valve on the machine. If the Marjoram is effective on you, you may notice there is too much air coming into your system and the level on your CPAP may need to be lowered. There have been quite a few cases where the snoring has stopped on the first night. If you don't see an improvement in several weeks, you may put a little oil on your upper lip or mustache in order to have a more concentrated dose throughout the night (test on back of hand first for sensitivity). Because of the severity of the blockage in sleep apnea cases, it sometimes takes much longer to see results and it is not as common for the person to stop snoring completely.

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