VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard

VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard
Stop Snoring Mouthguard by VitalSleep

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is Snoring and Why Do I Snore?

While this may seem obvious, snoring is the sound that a person makes when sleeping. It can be caused by a range of things, from short-term conditions such as congestion from a cold to serious conditions like sleep apnea.

The sound you make when snoring is caused when tissues in your nose or throat vibrate. This vibration happens when your airway is restricted by some kind of blockage. This can be from excessive phlegm or snot when you have a cold, a deviated septum in the nose, loose fatty tissue in the throat, swollen tonsils or adenoids, or even your tongue that has fallen backward into your throat.

Treatments for snoring are designed to remove or reduce the blockage so that you can breathe more easily. This could be done by using herbal remedies to clear blockages of phlegm, by surgically repairing or removing tissue that gets in the way, by opening airways to let in more air (repositioning the head and neck, or using nose strips to open the nostrils), by using a mouthpiece that holds your jaw forward, or even by doing exercises that improve the tone of the flesh in your mouth and throat.

Snoring is a problem all on its own. But, snoring can also be a sign of something more serious.

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