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VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthguard
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sleep Disorder Centers & Facilities

Sleep Disorder Centers are facilities that specialize in helping detect and treat sleep disorders. A sleep disorder may be defined as a condition that prevents a person from having a normal restful sleep. Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Sleep-walking, Restless leg syndrome are a few of such conditions.

A sleep disorder center may be organized in any of the following ways;

a) It could be based at a hospital.

b) It could be a part of a University.

c) It also could be a private organization.

There are two types of sleep disorder center. While a Sleep Disorder Center, provides testing and treatment for all sleep related conditions, the other sleep disorder centers are laboratories that focus their energies on sleep related breathing disorders.

The medical director of the sleep disorder center should have proven experience in treating sleep disorders with a good track record. This director would be in charge at the sleep disorder center.

A sleep specialist certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine must be available at the sleep disorder center.

The testing rooms at the the sleep disorder center should provide complete privacy, comfort and security. They should be equipped with all the necessary equipment in good working condition.

Billing and Fees

All billing and fees of the sleep disorder center should comply with the state and federal laws. The cost of the charges, fees and other billing details should be made available to you to help you make a decision.


You should check to see that the treatment at the sleep disorder center is covered under your insurance program. Many of the insurance services would prefer to see if the sleep disorder center is accredited by them before they cover the costs of the treatment.

A few factors to consider to identify the best sleep disorder center that suits your requirements

1. Location

Identify a sleep disorder center that has a minimum impact on your daily life style in terms of travel and time.


Quality of the services provided by the sleep disorder center is extremely important.

3. Recommendations

Ask around to check if there are any persons who would vouch for the sleep disorder center that is on your list. Recommendations can tell you whether you can get along with sleep disorder center on a personal level. Your friends, family, and other associates who may have had experiences with the sleep disorder center will be able to help you with making a decision.

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